Happy New Year 2013

Its the closing day of 2012, we have had great year as foretold, we finished the house loan, car loan and purchase the new innova for our growing family. Hopefully 2013 will be better for our family and shop.
Today we had breakfast at home, bought the nasi uduk and soto mie for susters and maid, then went to Senayan City to watch Jack Reacher as Kenzie is spending time in Lolipop dinner at Pizza Express (Marzano) then going home for a quiet night together, took couple of pictures using iPad and laugh together. Nothing beats a family time together.
I love the Sujantos. <3 -- As for pockethp, we have plan to turn the toko lt dasar into an accessories specialist for iOS. Let's make it happen 2013. Love pockethp.com -- Also we celebrated with the neighbors and gave them a few fireworks to put together. Happy New Year from 103a

Tomorrow going to Bangkok

Posting this while eating lunch at kafe Betawi Central Park and waiting for Mic buying chatime, Kenzie is going to the toilet after meal and I just finished paying the bill of total 204rb. Very expensive for a local cafe in a mall. But considering the amount of food it’s quite understandable and Mic did order many foods to her liking because when we came she was already hungry.

Going to Mangga Dua now to check the shop near lt.5